Hi! My name is Skip Youngdahl.  Welcome to my home page on the World Wide Web! I spent 24 years flying for Trans World Airlines and got to see a lot of our globe from 37,000 feet. Since my retirement I've tried to see as much of the world close up as I can. Having been to all seven continents now, I want to share my experiences via the Internet. Here you'll find pages from my trips to Southeast Alaska in August of 1999, Antarctica in January and February of 2000, Easter Island in February 2000, Spitsbergen, Norway in July 2000, Australia in October and November 2000. In July of 2002 I did another expedition cruise to Southeast Alaska with my daughter and her family. Moving on, my wife and I took a cruise through the capitals of Northern Europe in June and July of 2005.  To see Southern Europe we took a Mediterrean cruise in 2009.  See the links below for more.
  This is a great world we live in and although there are many diverse cultures, I believe that someday we will all live in peace and harmony. We must search out ways to live together peacefully in our time. The commandments to love God with all our heart and our neighbor as ourself has never made more sense than today.
  We are members one of another. Ephesians 4:25
Coming soon Cuba tour with International Expeditions in December 2014
By clicking on this button you'll see pictures of our 12-day "Wine Immersive" cruise on the Celebrity Infinity from Harwich, England to Porto, Spain and return in October of 2013.
Click on this tab for pages of our 15-day cruise on the Celebrity Century from San Diego to Ft. Lauderdale through the Panama Canal in December of 2012.
Clicking here will take you tour wine cruise to Italy and Croatia in June of 2011
This link takes you to our 11-day Royal Caribbean Cruise to the Mediterranean in October and November of 2009.
Click here for the 12-day Celebrity Cruise to Northern Europe and Russia in June and July of 2005.
This link will bring you some pages of my second trip to Southeast Alaska that I took in July of 2002 with my daughter Donna, her husband Steve and their two sons Sam, 13 and Ray, 15.
This button links to 11 pages of pictures and text of a great trip to the Falkland Islands and Antarctica in January and February of 2000.
This link brings up a short page about a quick trip to Easter Island after returning to Santiago, Chile from the Antarctica trip in February of 2000.
A click on this button will bring up 7 pages about the far northern Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard and the remote island of Spitsbergen. I did this trip in July and August of 2000 with my 10 year old grandson, David.
A click here will bring you to my Australian odyssey in October and November of 2000. This trip was a solo venture that I contracted with United Vacations.
By clicking on this button you'll see pictures of my first trip to Southeast Alaska in August of 1999 with Lindblad Expeditions.

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