Barcelona, Spain
Civitavecchia (Rome), Italy
Mykonos, Greece
Kusadasi (Ephesus), Turkey
Piraeus (Athens), Greece
Barcelona, Spain
Royal Caribbean Mediterranean/Greek Isles 11-night Cruise
October 26 to November 6, 2009
When you cruise to the "Cradle of Civilization," there's a natural tendency to be more, well, civilized - more relaxed. It's just a totally different feeling. The sun is warmer and so are the smiles. The colors more vibrant, the cuisine a little livelier. Mediterranean people know the secret of living life to the fullest. Best part is, they're willing to share.

This originally started out to be a 12-day cruise, with 8 ports to visit, enjoy and learn a bit about. but due to severe weather during the cruise preceding ours, it was shortened to 11 days because the Brilliance of the Seas arrived in Barcelona 18 hours late. Because of that delay we missed stopping at Nice and Florence/Pisa and went directly to Civitavvechia (Rome). And then to add fuel to the fire, as we were coming out of Kusadasi the weather was too bad to tender in to Santorini. So a day was spent, instead of seeing a beautiful Greek island, looking at all the other disappointed guests.
Ok, so there are more ports to see! Next stop was Athens. A great city with history back to centuries before Christ. It was fantastic! On to Naples!
Wait! What?! More storms?? A rough day at sea and at 9 pm the Captain informs us that we will be unable to get through the Straits of Messina because of 85 mph winds and 15 foot swells. What a Wuss!! So we go south of the island of Sicily and return directly to the port of Barcelona. Three straight days at sea and again looking at all those disappointed faces. Efforts were made by the Entertainment Staff to keep things lively. More bingo, more karaoke, more gift shop sales and a 25% discount on our next Royal Caribbean cruise. It helped. But missing Naples, Capri, Sorrento, the Alfami Coast, and Pompeii can never be replaced. So the B.W. says we must come back to Italy. Sounds good to me!

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